Working a Winter Job

Working a winter job is exciting and each experience is unique. Typical jobs are instructor, bar work, restaurant, resort, animation or reception. When working a winter season you will gain experience in languages, culture, new friends and winter clothes. Working a winter job anywhere definitely offers that, and more!

There are an assortment of things that candidates should know about winter work, before start working in a winter job. These things include the latest legal issues regarding work permits, the required skills and general information on the local culture in winter destinations. Landing on a winter job is quite easy, as the job market has been rapidly evolving over the last few years. This has created many job opportunities for winter enthusiasts.

When finding a job in a winter resort, the minimum required educational level is usually a high-school diploma. However, any experience you have in hospitality, as an instructor or even only in different languages is beneficial to your application. Fluency in English is a must, however Dutch, French and German are always highly in demand. But what you need most is love for the snow and the people on it!

A winter job is a great way to spend your winter season. Read our tips, insights and information on working in the snow here!

Snow Jobs

Snow Jobs

There are different types of jobs in the snow you can choose from depending your preference. We will go over a few possibilities introducing the job type to you.

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