Working a Summer Job

Working a summer job is exciting and each experience is unique. Typical jobs you can find: animation, care-taking, reception or restaurants, bars and disco’s. Moving and working abroad always offers new insights. You make new friends and learn new things. Working a summer job definitely offers that, and more!

Although most jobs are quite simple and not hard to get, it is good to know something more about the country you wish to go to. Of course you can ask your employer and look on internet. We created some articles from our own experience.

These things include the latest legal issues regarding work permits. The required skills and general information on the professional culture in holiday resorts.

Landing on a summer job is quite easy, as the job market is rapidly evolving over the last few years. This created many job opportunities for expats.

When finding a summer job, the educational level is usually a high-school diploma. International resorts ask a special skills in hospitality, animation, as an instructor or more. Fluency in English is a must. Extra languages such Dutch, French and German are always welcome, because of the many international tourists.

Europe has a great upcoming holiday industry with new destinations emerging. Countries as Romania, Croatia, and Bulgaria are great destinations. Read our tips, insights and information on working a summer job here!

Working on a Campsite

Working on a Campsite

When you are working on a campsite, you are in for a summer of hard work and lots of fun! On campsites there are a number of different jobs to do.

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