Living in the Summer

Living in the summer means working under the sun! Each year the tourism industry needs 1000s of people to fill seasonal openings. Employment ranges from bar work, animation, life guards, receptions and kitchens to care-taking. Typical employers are campsites, resorts, cruise liners, theme parks and 1000s of hotels, bars and restaurants all over Europe.

Working a summer season is exciting and a great experience at the same time. Under the sun you will learn new languages, make new friends and learn new cultures. For everybody who does not know yet what they want to do, we can definitely recommend to spend a summer season in some location under the sun.

Living in the Summer comes with several benefits and for sure will improve your life in many ways. While a summer job is a seasonal job, your destination will surprise many people on various aspects of life. Firstly, the cost of living are different. Your living accommodation is usually arranged by your employer and located near or on the site where you work. You will live in a tent, a small caravan or in an apartment with colleagues.

The articles inform you with useful and interesting information about living in the summer. Educate yourself with our information, then find your summer dream job!

Living on a Campsite

When you work on a campsite chances are you will also live on the campsite. Together with colleagues from the campsite you form the village within the campsite. Read more on living on a campsite while working there!

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