Living in Europe

Moving to a new country is exciting and scary at the same time. Moving abroad brings a lot of new challenges. You will learn a new language. You will find yourself in a different culture. For your shopping you need to find new shops and try new products. And of course you will make new friends! before you know it you will feel comfortable in your new country.

Living in Europe has its advantages and disadvantages. Every culture has specifics. Some are great, and sometimes you just miss your own. Living in Europe you will see that each country is different. And the great thing is that you have many countries to choose from!

Thanks to the European Union people are free to move around in Europe and live and work where they want to. In each country the EU guarantees labor rights, regular payments, social security and administrative possibilities. Working abroad has never been easier and this is a great way to improve your CV, while learning new cultures, languages and customs.

The articles below are intended to inform and you with useful and interesting information about culture, manners and way of life which might come in handy when moving abroad. Educate yourself with our provided information about living in Europe!

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