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Apartments in Poland

Apartments in Poland aims to inform you of the possibilities in Poland and give you a head start with your search for a place to live. Next to some tips you will also find your first housing site links.

Videos about the UK

The UK is most likely on everybody’s list of countries to visit. The beautiful nature all over the country is just stunning. The Lake District, the Scottish Highlands, the South Coast, the typical vilages, we all have something we wish to visit in the UK.

Income Taxes in the UK

Working in the UK you will obviously have to deal with and know something about taxes in the UK. Find here a comprehensive breakdown on taxes in the UK, including some useful links.

Relocation Tips

Working abroad is fun and you should definitely gain the experience. However there are some things you should take responsibility of to avoid surprises where you land. These are general tips, each country has its own particularities.

Accommodation in Bulgaria

Finding an apartment in Bulgaria is similar to anywhere else. Set your budget, do your homework, take some time to explore and visit various places. This article will help you on your way with some tips and pointers.